Miracle Mile

Coral Gables, Florida

With a streetscape dating back to the 1920's, Miracle Mile longs to be a popular destination again.  Although it is doing better than many retail centers, a new streetscape reconfiguration is long over due for this historic district.


    The first option presented keeps some of the angled parking, while also introducing mini-plazas that would add 
more shade trees and have room for dining pavilions.

The second option has both angled and parallel parking, as well as mini-plazas.

The third alternative is the preferred option, with parallel parking to give more sidewalk to outdoor dining and 

The fourth option uses some of the parallel parking for more sidewalk room for dining pavilions and mini-plazas.

The fifth option is more drastic, with no on-street parking - allowing only valet. 

The sixth alternative is the most extreme with no on-street parking and valet would be allowed only at the intersections and 
side streets.

Designed with Maria Bendfeldt, Associate at Jaime Correa & Associates