Giralda Restaurant Row

Coral Gables, Florida

Recently becoming a "hot spot" for restaurants, this block is in need of updating to make room for outdoor dining that the restaurants need.

    The existing conditions of Giralda, which has become to be known as "Restaurant Row" is outdated.  With 
unnecessary wide traffic lanes, underused parallel parking, and oddly placed bushes, little space is given to the 

The first alternative presented is simply narrowing the lanes and using some parking spaces for restaurants' outdoor 
dining and planted trees.

The second alternative is the same as the first, but with the addition of pavers at the same level as the paved street - 
no curb.  This condition is found extensively throughout Europe.

The third option is simply narrowing the traffic lanes to give a few feet of space to the sidewalk.  With the absence 
of the curb, the whole right-of-way can act as a sidewalk.

The fourth alternative presented is similar to the third, but with planted trees in-between parking spaces.

The fifth option is to only have some parallel parking on one side, with trees and dining pavilions.  Since valet 
parking is popular and heavily used in this area, limiting the parking is a viable solution and favorable compromise 
with the business owners.

Designed with Maria Bendfeldt, Associate at Jaime Correa & Associates