D'Iberville SmartCode

D'Iberville, Mississippi

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to southern Mississippi, uncountable architects and urban designers did their part to vision a new and better way to rebuild.  Of these several cities, D'Iberville was one that showed full support to encourage a good way of revitalization.  SmartCode and Architectural Guidelines were adopted December 2010.

    After a master plan was approved and adopted for the entire city, the city of 
D'Iberville decided to dedicate their immediate downtown to the benefits of the 

    A transect was developed to regulate the building forms and relationship to the 
street.  A regulating plan was mapped to designate these transects, along with 
different street sections, building frontages, vistas, etc. 

Designed with Maria Bendfeldt, Associate at Jaime Correa & Associates