Saucier Town Plan

Saucier, Mississippi

Winner of the 2007 CNU Charter Award, this project was completely by the Graduate Urban Design Studio of 19 students and under the guidance of Andrew von Maur.

Currently a rural town of only around 200 people, Saucier is expected to get significant growth due to the Mississippi population migrating north from the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Katrina.  



Following a charrette, a plan was further developed from the ideas and input of the community.  During the development stage, the project was reviewed by various guest critics, including John Torti, Tarik El-Naggar, and David Tomes.  

The final town plan accounts for a population between 3,000 - 5,000 residents in 4 neighborhoods, including 2 mixed-used centers.  

One of the mixed-use centers, referred to as "Saucier Junction," is ideally located to serve several large-scale retail businesses.  The final plan for the area includes the use of liners around buildings and parking lots, a complete street network, and a variety of housing options.