Town Hall/ Fire Station

Berrien Springs, Michigan

The small town of Berrien Springs in southwest Michigan desires to move its current fire station back into the town center, while combining it with a new town hall.  The town is a quaint home to 7,000 Michigan residents of Berrien County.  



    The location of the new town hall/ fire station would be a great entrance feature, as visitors arrive from the bridge into the only 
southeast entrance of the town.  It is currently the site of an abandoned auto parts store.  

     The project also includes a plaza - one of the only public spaces within the town center.  Equipped with shade trees, galleries, 
tables, and benches - the new public space would allow for outdoor dining, special events, and the casual gathering place for 
people of all ages.

     The building's program shares a main entry space, with the fire station occupying mainly the back and north part of the property, 
while the town hall offices, meeting spaces, and special events room are to the south.


     After careful plans were made for the HVAC systems, structure, plumbing, lighting, etc, a partial wooden model was produced.  
The model is the southwestern corner of the portico entry, including the adjacent wall sections of the building.